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a design and content studio.

we visualize.  we design.  we narrate.  we create.  we uncomplicate.

"storytelling is the most powerful way

to put forward ones ideas into today’s world"

A thought that resonated with the creators of Preface for a long long time before they came together to make it a reality.


By definition, Preface introduces a story, typically stating its subject, scope, aims or a preliminary that introduces the main event.


Ours goes beyond what the dictionary has defined it to be - Preface to us is a dream, a vision and a phenomenon that we set out with to encapsulate and embrace branded communication through vivid and eloquent visual storytelling.

One gets judged by their appearance just like a book gets judged by its cover. Thus, we decided to define that book and design its cover too.

Here’s our design and content studio, from the maximum city.



Brand Workshops.

Brand Identity.

Brand Building & Positioning.

Integrated Marketing Communication.

Audio & Video Production.



Research & Innovation.

Brand Campaigns.

Marketing Plans.




Brand Activation.

Experiential Concepts & Design.

Building Intellectual Properties. 

CEO Keynotes.


cause it gives you the

best stories, in the most natural and creatively designed way.

Ishaan Gupta

An ardent marketeer, brand storyteller and passionate writer, with over 7 years of experience in the media & marketing industry.


Having worked at experiential agencies like Wizcraft and Geometry Encompass, Ishaan looks at every project like his first one, putting in the same amount of thought and passion every time to get the best desired output for brands.


Having worked with multiple start-ups, lifestyle brands, MNC’s, brand agencies and corporates on experiential, campaign, OTT and below-the-line marketing, he believes in bringing to life, stories through experiences beyond what’s heard and told.



is man's constant effort, to create for himself a new order of reality from that is given to him.

Mansi Harkisandas

A design enthusiast and marketing specialist, who believes that all the problems of the world can be solved by the right aesthetic and innovative design, Mansi has worked for over 11 years in the experiential marketing industry at renowned companies like Turner International, Percept, Wizcraft and Conde Nast India.


From having planned and executed brand stories throughout her career, she crosses a new milestone, by now designing stories for brands to imbibe across their communication strategies.


Being a foodie, she believes a book without images is like a dessert without chocolate. It’s good, but gets better with chocolate it which is exactly the relationship between storytelling and design.

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