Brand Building

360 ONE

Reshaping brands with the right narrative.

This is the story of an adventurous journey that we took along with a distinguished Indian wealth management brand that embarked on an inspiring rebranding process to create 360 ONE. While the brand's new look was not initially proposed by us, our unwavering knowledge of the brand, dedication and expertise allowed us to play a transformative role as we breathed in life into their new visual identity across digital and on-ground touch points. 

Our partnership played a pivotal role in actualising the brand's vision, as our collaborative journey spanned a multitude of areas, from digital platforms and marketing collaterals to immersive on-ground experiences.

Our design team passionately gave form to their business stationery, marketing collaterals, presentations, and every touchpoint that read 360 ONE, while together we orchestrated unforgettable rebranding events, meticulously infusing the new identity into every aspect of the brand experience.

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