Conceptual Presentation

Bestseller India

Reimagining Keynotes. Reinforcing Stories.

The Bestseller India journey with us has rather been an interesting one.

For those who might be wondering what’s Bestseller - Ah! Google it!

Every multi national company across the world celebrates annual conferences, but none of them do it like Bestseller.

To set the tone of this annual extravaganza, their CEO begins the 5 day convention with a unique act year-on-year followed by his opening presentation that encapsulates the brands journey till date and their roadmap for the future.

In the four years of our coalition, we have brought forth multiple experiences that were as dreamy as dreams could be. From a 5-min theatrical monologue act that saw the CEO being transported into his dream world followed by him sharing his dream with his 800+ team members, to an elaborate keynote that was scripted and designed to present his dream for the organisation, every moment, slide and word was a manifestation of our thoughts and ideas into a story. The story changes year-on-year, and the impact only keeps getting stronger.

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