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Who says healthcare brands, cannot be fun?

Fear was an omnipresent feeling during the pandemic, which was followed by new realities such as working from home, temporary unemployment, homeschooling children, and a lack of physical touch with other family members, friends, and coworkers.

Carebyte - India's 1st Holistic Health Concierge saw its inception during this period with a purpose to make healthcare affordable in India. With that intent and vision came to life, a brand that wanted to break the myth of healthcare being a serious and monotonous industry. Every touchpoint and means of communication of the brand was intended to be vibrant and dynamic, in order to inspire people to signup to healthcare that makes them feel good and thereby also makes them want to take care of themselves. 

Being associated with its founding team since its inception, we built the brand from ground zero, with internal and external comms, website and application design, merchandise, and multiple marketing and influencer driven campaigns that helped it build its presence in the country over the last 2 years.PS- We like to be humble about it, but we’ve actually won an award for one of its campaigns too!

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