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Class Apart

An exclusive educational sojourn in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Created for the HNI clients of IIIFL Wealth, this intellectual property became a gateway to 50 Indian business owners and entrepreneurs who were transported to the future of learning with an educational retreat to Singularity University in Silicon Valley.

With the objective of being one step ahead of their contemporaries, the attendees were a part of immersive experiences and insightful sessions that were built around Virtual Reality, The Future of Business, Sustainability and more.

This was accompanied by visits to some of the world's biggest conglomerates campuses and also experiencing what is to be behind the wheels of a Tesla.

You may wonder what did we do here?

We literally made this property a class apart, right from its concept, nomenclature, visual identity, communication design and

a coffee table book that we still reminisce, every time we talk about it.

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