Brand Building

Cube Stop

Turning Miles into Smiles, one Indian Highway at a time!

For decades, road trips in India with family and friends have always been exciting and fun. While the excitement of driving across the open skies and lush outdoors keep everyone’s spirits high, there's always existed a constant worry. A worry, to find a safe pit stop on the highway for the entire family (especially women and kids) that has hygienic washrooms and clean, safe places to eat. While the infrastructure of Indian Highways improved considerably over the years, there was a substantial gap in the wayside amenities space. 


Cube Stop identified this gap and set out on a mission to build India’s largest and most preferred network of wayside amenities that offer its customers and Indian travellers multi-cuisine food outlets to choose from, abundant and clean seating spaces, kid’s play areas, and most importantly clean washroom facilities.

What did we do?

Well, we will try to keep it short.

From coining its nomenclature to designing its identity.

From endless brain-storming sessions to infinite creative brand mood boards.

From spatial design to local store marketing.

From seeing a dream together with the brand, to making it a reality.


We partnered with Cube Stop to turn every single mile into customer smiles.

Today, together we have built, transformed, and brought to life over 10 wayside amenities across the country and are enroute to launch many more in the upcoming years!

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