Marketing Campaign


Setting the narrative for a GenZ targeted investing app just the way they like it!

What started as an individual problem that each of Koshex’s founder partners were facing in their respective lives - to both the partners coming together to build a platform that would benefit millions of Indians, the brand launched in the market to bring about a mindset change in today’s youth around money/savings and also simultaneously make them aware of the power of investing early.

The primary TA of this new platform’s marketing campaign was - the just out of college students who would now join their hiring companies and professionals who had just started earning at their respective jobs. The objective was to create an awareness on the importance of saving and investing and while doing so create a brand recall for Koshex.

The idea was to let the campaign talk to its customers in a language and tone, that they converse in day-in and day-out while also addressing pain points and channelise them through the right messaging. Honestly, this was quite an interesting journey for us too, since at the end of the overall campaign, we understood the GenZ, their lingo and their way of life much more than we previously did.

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