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QSRs on the Move

Everything that a fast food restaurant needs and more!

Crucial to a good highway experience beyond just the roads and the scenery, is savouring the local delicacies and sharing intimate food moments with family and friends. 

For longer-duration road trips, one doesn’t relish street-side food but wishes for a relaxed ambience with comforting meals. Along the highways of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, you will be tempted with the offerings of this unique chain of QSR brands - offering mouth-watering delicacies by Dakshin Diner where piping South Indian dishes make their way to the table, Turban Tandoor that emanates aromas of the classic north style of cooking, and Kaaram ‘n’ Curry that is the delight of every spice lover.

Because food is so personal to each of us, we worked hard to interpret the authenticity of the cuisine to its design language, ensuring each restaurant stood out exceptionally.

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