Brand Building

Resach - The Trading App

Nothing stands out more honestly in the trading market than the right research done.

Emerging as one of the leading and reliable financial services providers in the western and southern parts of India, Monarch Networth Capital is an investment firm devising and executing smart financial products and strategies, including the entire gamut of financial services such as primary market operations, mutual funds, insurance and comprehensive financial planning.

Monarch Networth Capital wanted to evolve the brand in line with today’s emerging business and market needs.

With a tight grip on in-depth research and knowledge about the current market scenario, we integrated their insights to develop a new trading app, right from its nomenclature to defining its value proposition. 

Coining a brand’s name is a huge responsibility as it can make or break a brand. We realised that when Monarch is so big on research, why not have a name that explicitly reflects the same too? Thus, was born, ReSach. We further designed the brand logo and the end-to-end look and feel of the app.

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