Marketing Campaign

Zeno Health

Ever heard of generic medicines? They are the same as the branded ones. #HaanYeSachHai

A disruptive startup in the Indian pharmaceutical space, Zeno Health is a leading omni channel pharmacy with a vision to create a healthier India and evolve the healthcare landscape by providing authentic, accessible and affordable care for every citizen. With branded medicines taking over the market, the brand is putting their right feet forward to ensure that patients medical demands are made through alternate generic medicines that are affordable and have the same solution as the branded ones at a much lesser cost.

In order to build awareness of the savings a middle class Indian can make via Zeno Health, an onground and digital marketing campaign was rolled out targetting their existing and new consumers on the difference it would make to their everyday lives. 

The #HaanYeSachHai campaign was targetted to state facts and break myths that consumers have towards generic medicines and also utilise the same to role out new services that their pharmacies were now going to provide to their customers.

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