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Introducing India's 1st Holistic Health Concierge

Fear was an omnipresent feeling during the pandemic. It was followed by new realities such as working from home, temporary unemployment, homeschooling children, and a lack of physical touch with other family members, friends, and coworkers. 

Carebyte - India's 1st Holistic Health Concierge wanted to make a difference and spread positivity during these trying times.

With that intent and vision came to life, the #HappyByte Campaign, where the brand and its communication reached out to people and asked them what makes them happy. It was an attempt to inspire others who might be feeling grim and low due to the pandemic.

What happened next was a successful campaign that was established with a video followed up, an engagement drive that aimed at putting together heart-warming happy moments of its followers in a ‘Byte’-sized video. that translated into a reason for people to smile wherever they were.

We believe it did impact real lives, as the campaign received rave appreciation from the media and engaging interactions with over

80 influencers. The impact of the campaign organically reached more than 10,000 users on Instagram, encouraging others to join the  #HappyByte wave by further resharing, reaching out to approximately 500,000 use across different social media platforms.


PS- We like to be humble about it, but we actually won an award for this campaign ;)

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