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Simplifying Health-Tech Communication

When India's no. 1 EMR platform with 15000+ doctors across all major Indian cities, reached out to us, we realized how far health tech has come, after understanding, and working with their team on the product, i.e. a digital on-the-move reception for doctors to be in touch with their patients.  While we have all been used to the traditional way of being in touch with our doctors, Docon, a subsidiary brand of Pharmeasy, has been a game-changer in scheduling doctor appointments, getting online prescriptions, and facilitating e-payments too. 

To build awareness of the brand and its credibility for its users, i.e. doctors and patients, we created a series of informational videos with stories built around the POV of a doctor and his/her patient to introduce the new features of the different products being offered.


While the health tech industry is known for its jargonised terminology, we successfully managed to dissect and deliver the stories in a simple, effective and easy-to-consume manner for everyone.

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