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EO Mumbai

Experiences Beyond Experiences 

Founded in 1997, EO Mumbai, today is a collective of 400 of the most HNI individuals and billionaires from across the maximum city. 

Throughout the year, various exclusive-only experiences are curated that enhance and elevate the members perspective around art, culture, science, technology, and much more. 


What you will see ahead is a glimpse into some of the most memorable experiences of 2022, conceptualised, directed, curated and designed by our team.  

From a never-seen-before Metaverse Themed Opening Party to a Meet & Greet with Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla

From an on-site tour of Mumbai's Underground Metro & Coastal Road Project to a glittering Diwali Party in one of the best outdoor venues of Mumbai

The experiences truly did go Beyond, everything the members had ever experienced till date.

P.S - There's more to come!

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