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IIFL Wealth FYI.

Keeping it forever young and innovative.

“Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how you handle it that makes people unique” - a thought that resonated with us and directed the conflict at hand towards aresolution with two key words in mind, ’fun’ and ‘interactive’ - finally taking the form of an experiential uproar bringing alive a single term that we tend to use often at work, FYI.

While this abbreviation is known as ‘for your information,’ we added a tad bit of twist in conjunction to our core objective and created ‘FYI – Forever Young & Innovative.’

An internal annual property to motivate the employees and direct them to stay forever young and innovative. This alongside the keywords, gave birth to the logo design. 

The strategy moulded into various mediums of communication and engagement as an integrated internal marketing exercise.

It started with emailers and teaser videos that were intended towards creating a buzz prior to the event. Further leading to the on-ground branded collaterals, concept film and a power packed musical interaction.

FYI Logo Animation

FYI Logo Animation

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